Are you drifiting, driving or designing?

At the World Domination Summit in Portland this year, Michael Hyatt took the stage and told some stories about his alcoholic father. The stories started out depressing but he got to his main point: his father was drifting through life.Michael couldn't handle the thought of doing the same himself and so set himself on a path through life that ensured he worked hard and was successful. You would call him driven.He claims that "overcorrection" from seeing his father drift through life to his own driven path was a mistake. Being driven can make you successful in the traditional sense of the word but not happy. Driven looks great on paper but someone else is actually steering. Maybe parents. Maybe society. Maybe fear. But at no point during that driven time didn't Michael ask what he really wanted.

Design it

He says there's something in the middle, something better, something called the Designed Life. The Designed Life is more intentional, more personal and more fulfilling. You work hard and achieve your goals in a designed life but they are your goals. Not your parents. Not societies. Not ones created out of fear.In order to remind himself that he's designing his life and not just blindly striving for some externally set goals he asks himself 3 questions every day.1. How do I want to be remembered?2. What is important to me?3. What single brave decision do I need to make today?

How are you living?

Are you aimlessly drifting?Are you blindly driving somewhere?Or are you making intentional choices to put the pieces you want together for your life plans and designing your life?You get to choose.

Where Are You Travelling Next?

After finding Chris Guillebeau a few years by a random link talking about how he was travelling the world and visiting every country before he was 35, I've seen him do some incredible things. The latest of which pretty much blew my mind. The World Domination Summit went far above my expectations for the non-conforming conference and it was the first time they put it together! Everything went smoothly and every time I turned around I met another like-minded person that had big, awesome ideas. It's no surprise that his #trust30 prompt is about travel.Travel - Chris GuillebeauEveryone has their place they would love to visit. Some people say Hawaii, some people say Paris, others say New Zealand. Regardless of where it is there is almost always some place that by simply hearing the name, they are whisked off in their mind to explore the nooks and crannies of their dream spot.One of mine was New Zealand. I got to visit in 2009 for a month and I've never had more fun in my life. I know there will be incredible adventures in the years to come but I will always look back very fondly at the time I had in New Zealand.This year, I was able to get over to Paris for 2 weeks to explore that area. It's already on my list of places to see for the second time. The week I spent in Paris was amazing and I can't wait to go back to explore further.For new places that I can't wait to see, Chile, Thailand and Switzerland are probably at the top of the list. I've heard and seen amazing things from all three places and it's just a matter of time before I'm sitting on a plane on the way the next one. My trip in 2009 cemented my resolve to travel as many places as I can. Not just for a vacation but to see and hear and taste and smell all the different cultures our world has to offer. With it so easy to fly cheaper these days, there is no excuse not to do some travelling in your lifetime.The entire world is open for anyone to travel now. Where are you going next?