Find Your Curators

museum paintings photoThere’s a lot of information flying around these days. It’s impossible to take it all in. On blogs alone, there’s 2 million new blog posts every day.We can’t possibly do something with all that information. So how do you stay on top of new important things? How do you sift through all the junk to get the good stuff?Find your curatorsA new breed of curator has risen following the proliferation of information and ideas online today. It can be hard to find the good ones but when you do they’re a life-saver. Instead of sifting through hundreds of blogs to find the nuggets, let the curators do it for you. Many of the spend a lot of time online and are very knowledgeable in the area they’re curating. Let them do the work and you can just reap the benefits of the high quality information that’s left after they’ve sifted through.Scott Hanselman talks about one of his favourite curators who saves him a lot of time, Robert Scoble."I used to have 1,000 blogs that I would read. And then who's the greatest blog reader in the world? It's Robert Scoble, he's always talking about how many blogs that he reads. So I finally decided, 'I'm not Robert Scoble.' He's a freak, and it's not healthy to keep up on that many blogs. So you know what I do? I read his blog. So I took the thousand blogs that I read and I pick five link blogs. I found my Scobles. And I read those five blogs and they give me an aggregated news."Tim Ferriss also has a version of this practice, he calls the Low Information Diet. He also calls it selective ignorance. He’s got a whole category on his blog devoted to the topic.The gist of the Low Information Diet is that you only take in what you absolutely need to. Any information you do take in has already been filtered through trusted sources like Scoble does for Scott Hanselman.So the next time you feel overwhelmed by trying to keep up with too much information, find a curator that will do it for you.

What Lifestyle Design Means to Me

A recent post of Corbett's entitled"Is Lifestyle Design dead already?" really got me thinking about what everyone means when they say Lifestyle Design. I'll tell you what it means to me.The 4 Hour Work Week is mentioned in the article and the comments numerous times. I've read it a couple times now and it's a fantastic book but when it comes down to it, 99.9% of us won't have an experience like Tim's. We''ll sort of get into the internet thing, we'll sort of get into building our own business and we'll sort of get something out of it.When there is something huge at stake here, like how happy you want to be with you life, "sort of's" suck. They're wishy washy, on the fence, decisions that we might regret later because it was a waste of time or we didn't put our soul into it (I'm not religious, it just means working hard).If you want something, take it. This has all sorts of exceptions in real life but the message is simple. If you really want to spend your time doing something, then plan out your ideal life and work backwards. Figure out how much money you'll need, what time is required and who must be around to make your goals happen. To follow any project to conclusion there must be many small steps to get you to the end, achieving anything in your life is no different. But there is always a way to make it happen.The trap so many people fall into right now is trying to achieve something they're not ready for. Yes, Tim Ferriss is wandering the globe right now doing whatever he pleases. But don't forget he worked 80 hour weeks for many YEARS before he was close to doing what he's doing now. Are you ready for that kind of commitment?Knowing what he knows now, we can make a few shortcuts but nothing will replace a good idea. He had a good idea, he put it to good use making money with brainQUICKEN and now he's reaping the benefits.In the end, all we really want is to look back on the things we did in our life and say "I'd do that again". Lifestyle Design is just the fancy new term for what happy people having been doing since the dawn of time. Make adjustments to your life every single day to make things better, actually do what you say you want to do, and amazing things will happen.Everyone is flocking to Thailand to set up small businesses and run it from the beach while sipping on cold drinks. Is that what you want to do? Do you really want to run a business? Did you ever actually want to see Thailand? If not, you're still stuck in a template, you're still chasing a dream that's not yours.What makes you happy? What do you look back on and say, "That was awesome", or look forward too incredibly excited? Make plans to do that. Right now.