Countdown to Australia Trip: Flying into Sydney

A couple things that I've learned so far.Float planes are loud.Plane seats are uncomfortable.Having an empty seat in between you and the other person on the plane is really, really nice.I don't have as good of a sense of direction as I thought I did.Related to the above comment, GPS are nice.IMG_0032I've been in Sydney now for 2 days and it's been really nice. The weather today wasn't fantastic but yesterday was pure blue sky and nice and warm. The temperature drops down to pants and long sleeve weather during the evenings but is very nice. During the day it's still tshirt and short weather.  It'll get a bit colder going south from here and a bit warmer going north. There are a few things that I'm going to see south from here and then it's north into the warmth of Brisbane, Lennox and Cairns.I took the ferry right over to Manly almost right away yesterday and have been hanging out here since. It's a nice little beach "town" just outside of Sydney. I like the small town feel but there's still a fair amount of people and things to do. This next week will be resting up, buying a car and then heading down to Canberra!