Abundance over Scarcity

healthy food photoMaking large uncomfortable changes in your life is difficult. It's awkward, it's annoying, it's frustrating.I've been trying to do it for the last couple years with various things. I want to make my life better. I want it to be as good as I can get it. I want my health and fitness and nutrition and finances and relationships all to be amazing. I think it can be done. There's so much information out there to help. But it doesn't come easy.In doing 30 Day Challenges to learn new things and adjust my expectations when I try new things, I'm always surprised at how much better it is to come at a new idea from the positive rather than the negative.This leads to the idea that thinking with abundance is better than thinking with scarcity.Huh? Let's unpack that a bit.Abundance is more of something.Scarcity is less of something.Thinking with abundance is thinking about getting more of something. Thinking with scarcity is thinking about getting less of something.Humans are great at thinking about getting more of something, not so good at getting less of something. But it's all just in how you frame it.All the productivity courses and habit courses out there touch on how to set goals and frame things so that it's easier to think about them. When they're easy to remember, you'll be more likely to do them. Positive things are easier to think about.Some examples.If I want to eat less junk food, that means more real whole, nutritious food.If I want to sit on the couch less, that means more movement and activities outside.If I want to spend less, that means more saving and actively doing beneficial things with my money.In each of those examples there's a negative part and a positive part. They're 2 sides of the same coin. The difference comes in which part you think about. Always think about the positive part because it gives you something to do.If I think "eat less junk food" over and over and over, that still doesn't give my brain something to do. It's not doing something. It's doing nothing. I can't do nothing. I have to do something.If I think "eat more whole food" over and over, that's way better. It gives me something to do. I immediately have a plan for what to eat later. Whole food. Done.Scarcity is great when you are trying to stop doing something but you have to focus on the positive part of it. Focus on what you are actually doing and getting more of.Focus on getting more healthy food.Focus on getting more quick exercise outside.Focus on creating when you have spare time.When you focus on abundance, the things you are trying to get rid of will get ignored and fall away by themselves.   

All You Need to Start is the Trailhead

Before you go hiking, you have to pick a trail to hike. You can look through guidebooks, browse around online or ask your friends. Once you've picked the trail you want to hike, you need to find out where the trailhead is. The trailhead is where you will start hiking. You park, get your gear ready and then start hiking. Knowing where the trailhead is might be the most important part of starting a hike. If you don't know that one thing, it will be very difficult to hike that trail.Starting new projects is a lot like hiking. It's an adventure. You don't know exactly how things are going to go. You can check the weather but it's never exact. You can look at pictures of the trail but you won't know every exactly what it looks like until you are there. And there is one place that is the most important part, the trailhead. Like hiking, you have to have a trailhead for your project.All you need is the trailhead to startYou just need the trailhead. You don't need to know every single twist and turn and where everything is going to end up. All you need to know is where to start.That big project that's in your word files or on your calendar or just sitting in the back of your mind, why not start it now? They're big. They're scary. You have no idea how it's going to end up or where exactly it's going to go. Like hiking, it's going to be an adventure.One thing is for sure. You know where to start. I guarantee it. You may not have any idea where it's going to go. Or any idea what steps you have to take to get all the way through. Or any idea at all about how long it's going to take. But you know where to start.And here comes the reason behind this post. You don't need to know all that other stuff to complete a project. You don't need to know every step along the way or exactly how long it's going to take. You just need the one thing you can do to start. You just need the trailhead.This is not a one time thingThe fear of starting is a tricky thing. "Starting" makes it sound like it comes up when you start a project. When you make the plans and get moving and get some momentum going. That might be when the biggest fear happens but it's not the only time."Starting" is actually every single time you sit down to write, to paint, to build, to edit, to plan. Every time you do work on your project you are "starting" for that day or that session. And every time the fear can creep in.Every time that fear does come up, just remember that you don't need to know all the pieces, you don't need to see the whole trail, you don't need to see every part.All you need to start is knowing where the trailhead is.Happy Hiking,~Ross

Training Mindset vs the Competing Mindset

Heidi Grant Halvorson talks about the Be Good mentality vs the Get Better Mentality.When you are in the Be Good mentality you have to look better and smarter than others. You are validating and proving your skills.The Get Better mentality is where you are learning and testing and focusing on improvement.Most of us are stuck in the Be Good mentality every day.Working out at Crossfit there is a visible like between these 2 things.When Training you are in the Get Better mindset. You are practicing and experimenting and see what works, how things feel and how far you can go. Your goal is to learn as much as possible.When you are Competing in a timed Workout of the Day or in an actual full-on competition, you are forced to get into the Be Good mindset. Your goal is to look perfect.In daily life the Training or Get Better mindset is going to benefit you in the long run far more than the Competing or Be Good mindset will.photo credit

The Do Percentage

What percentage of time do you spend doing and creating vs consuming, thinking and planning?It should be high on the side of doing and creating.Doing and creating: good.Consuming, thinking and planning: not so good.You need both for sure. But we get stuck in Consumption and never get to do.Doing feels good.Doing makes you feel accomplished.Doing makes you more satisfied.Doing is more fun.Doing is what helps other people.Doing is what gets you paid.Doing is how you make mistakes and learn.Doing is how you succeed.