A Life List Update: Sailing Adventures

Wow, it's been a while since I've written over here. So much going on at PureOutside.I've been talking to people about Life Lists lately and remembered that this one needed some attention once in a while. I read through Jenn's List and Erin's List and it made me think about the stuff I've accomplished and have yet to. It really brought me back to mine and the big goals I want to accomplish.One of my goals revolves around sailing on a trip of my own. It doesn't have to be by myself but it is going to be me as skipper. I would probably be able to take a boat out right now if I had my own but seeing as most places don't trust you until you have the right certificiations, I'm waiting on the courses to do those.I've got some big sailing adventures on the boat I race on coming up in the next 2 years so my time and sailing budget will be going to gear and courses for those big goals there. I'll be updating you on those because they will be awesome stories! Till then a story about our Swiftsure race last year will have to do. I'm working on that and it will be out soon. It was only 24 hours but that was definitely long enough for my first big race!That's one of the goals I've been working on. Here are a few others.2 Products on a websiteI've been working away on my first product for PureOutside. It was a bit of a test to see if I could do it and it's come out rather well. There's going to be lots of updates to it in the next year or 2 to make it exactly what I want but now that the template is done, I'll be pushing out more products using the same structure. Once the first is done, I've got 2 more slated for the first 6 months of next year using the $100 from WDS this year. I'll be posting about that project soon.$1000 on a websiteThis goes along with the 2 products goal above. I've run into an issue with time and money limiting the projects I can do for PureOutside and this site. I'm hoping the new products will help with the money issue. The time issue is going to be a problem for a while though I think.Hike for 5 daysPart of the 2 products for PureOutside will be researching 2 large trails on Vancouver Island. Those trips will be early next year. One of them will be a big hiking trip of 5 to 7 days. The trail can be done in 5 and that would be easier for me to organize but it would be much nicer to spend 7 days on the trail. More time on the trail means more pictures, more videos, more stories but more time off work. I'll be posting the details of my trips next year as the time gets closer.Play 10 songs on the guitarThe guitar seems to be gathering dust in the corner most of the time but every once in a while I can get to it and start to put together more and more of a song. I certainly can't play all of one but I've got a few chords down and am piecing together a couple simple songs. I'll post some audio of that when I can get a whole song together. I'd love to sit around the campfire next summer and pull out some good tunes.How is your list going? Big plans for the end of this year?

My First Adventure Race

It's done!It was actually done in September 2 years ago but I pushed the post aside and totally got distracted with other things.My buddy, Ryan and I competed as a two person team in the Cumberland Momar September 2010. We did the Enduro course that was 50km long. There was a 10km kayak,  15km of running and about 25km of mountain biking.The experience was very humbling and I'm glad it's over but it was a blast at the same time.We rented a cabin with a bunch of friends at Mount Washington resort near where the after party would be held. After much preparation and double checking we hit the sac the night before dreaming of sugar plums, err, runners and bike tires.The nice part about the Momar is that there aren't a whole lot of logistics involved. We put our kayak on the beach and our bikes in the bike area next to the beach and we were ready to go. Time to warm up.I was nervous about the kayaking and the ride, both things that I know how  to do but had done very little training before hand. I was in good shape but it's much nicer to know exactly how everything is going to feel after practicing.We hopped in the kayaks and headed out onto the water before the start to warm up. The weather was mediocre, threatening to rain and a little cool. The water was fairly calm teasing us into a false sense of security. I was steering the boat and Ryan was in the front paddling away. I was having a hell of a time keeping things straight. I would focus on keeping our paddling in sync so our photos looked good but I'd forget to steer properly. Then I'd steer properly and fall out of sync with the paddling. I never did get it down pat but we made pretty good time.After the paddle, we jogged over to our bikes as fast as our dead legs would take us and rode over to the orienteering section. We hadn't done any orienteering yet. How hard can it be?  Turns out it's not actually very hard. We did spend 15 minutes searching for our third checkpoint because we though there would be tents at each one. There's not. It's a small flag with a punch to put through your card. Finally it clicked and we found it. It was a stupid easy one too!Near the end of the run and many checkpoints later I was starting to fade a little. Time for some food and something new. We hopped on our bikes and started the ride. It was great to get onto the saddle and start ripping. Except the first thing we do is a huge logging road climb. Not what I was looking for. Half way through the ride both my legs cramped up completely. I had to get off and sit down. Nothing was moving properly. They warmed up enough that I could ride but any time I pushed hard they'd start to cramp up again. I had to tone it down for the rest of the race. Not a great end but it went pretty well.We came down into Cumberland with the expectation of doing 3 checkpoints there but they had cut them out for us and most of the racers. The race was too long and people weren't going to make it if they had to complete every single one. That makes it easier!Off to the finish line! Only to be handed another map with another 12 checkpoints of orienteering to do, then we get to finish. Agony!The last few were quick but painful being in sight of the finish line.We staggered across the finish line around 7 hours. Worn out but very satisfied we packed up our gear and headed back to our place to get cleaned up for the after party, the whole reason everyone does the Momar!Adventure races had always intrigued me and I finally got my shot at one. It was terrible and exhilarating all at the same time. Most awesome things are.