Australia War Museum in Canberra

Canberra is a very beautiful city. The parliament buildings are in the center, to one side of the man-made lake Burley Griffin. Across the water from Parliament Buildings is the Anzac parade and the Australian War Museum.The War Museum is a beautiful building in itself. It has a massive amount of Australian war history in all the exhibits, ranging from World War 1 right up to current peace-keeping missions. I found the World War 2 information and Vietnam displays the most interesting.IMG_0252The photo above was just outside and displayed the rows and rows of names of those that didn't come back from the war. Reading through all the information was pretty intense. Some of the stories were straight from journals and diaries that were sent back from the front lines or somehow lasted over the years and found their way to the museum.One note that had me a little choked up was a young soldier writing to his wife. He had written in his journal the entire time but he was about to leave on a mission that knew he wouldn't come back from. He packed up his journal and some letters and had them sent back to her. His last note said, "if this finds you before I do, I won't be coming back."After seeing all the horrendous details from all the wars Australia has been involved in I'm glad I had no part with any of it. I'm incredibly thankful that I can live my life without being forced into a war and spending years in wet, muddy, death-filled trenches.On a lighter note, there was only a bit of cloud today and it was mostly sunny and warm. I'm in Canberra for another day and then off to the Snowy Mountains to climb Mount Kosciuzko!